Saturday, June 18, 2022

Sewing with Friends!

Kathy and I and Hazel got a great picture outside last week.  Everyone is smiling!
I worked on the second clue for the Kim Diehl Sewalong Mystery.  Oops.
I had to fix it twice before I was happy...did not line up right the second time.
Here it is with the next clue which was sawtooth starts.  There is another clue out (pinwheels) which I need to whip up this weekend.  Hazel is on her way here to spend the night for the first time so we will see if I get time to sew during her nap.
Here is clue two of Soul Mates.  And below Clue one and Two.

Barb and I sewed with Becky on Thursday (we set up another sew for clue three in two weeks) and worked on our Soul Mates.  Here is Becky's.

All six of Becky's done. Barb is still working on hers.
Barb's Stars.

Barb finished up her clue one of the Kim Diehl sewalong too.  

And her clue two.  Oops she flipped around her geese!

All fixed.
Barb and I also are both making a tablerunner from a magazine pattern.  Here is my top sewn up yesterday.  I want to make a bunch of birthday tablerunners so I started with this "easy ish" one to see if this would do.  Matching up all those squares is not as easy as it appears.  I do like how it came out though it is bigger than I envisioned.  

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Laurie said...

Keep an eye on the direction of the pinwheels in Kim's pattern. I believe 3 go each direction.

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