Saturday, May 28, 2022

Rainbow Scrap Challenge in Green and Mystery Fabric Pulling!

Barb and I decided to make Whimsical Wishes from the Mystery Quilts Anon Group.  So for this mystery only has the fabric pull clue out so if you want to join in, join in!  Really love mysteries and looking forward to this one.
A year or so ago the same group did Soul Mates and I love the reveal.  All these clues are available and Barb, Becky and I and maybe Dr. Kathy are going to do it and some online sewalongs together.  Here is my fabric pull.
Here is Barb's fabric pull.  She is making a Quilt of Valor with this one and I cannot wait to see how it comes out!
I have also made eight or so of these pillows for this month's Christmas in July but did not get pictures of them all together.  I used the Shabby Fabrics pattern and adjusted for two smaller pillow forms that I had and bought the rest the right size.  Most of these will be given to Coleman's stepkids and daughter for their "happy unbirthday" box this summer.  I will put flashlights (I already bought) and a book and maybe a snack in each of them.  I hope the kids like them.  They were super fun to make!
I did want to show anyone who does not have this handy gadget how it works for making handles.  I have used this far beyond what I paid for it.  You thread the fabric through (they have different sizes so you cut a strip depending on the size you use--this one is 2 inches wide) and then you iron it as it comes out.  Then iron it in half as you see on the top part and viola!  So easy and it looks great.
I did do the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for May at the start of the month but the link was not up yet.  I then forgot to blog or put it up so I made it in under the wire today!  

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Susie H said...

I love MQALs too! Your fabrics and your friends' bundles look great. Can't wait to see how they all end up going together!