Saturday, May 28, 2022

Big Book Summer Challenge

This summer I will be participating in the Big Book Summer Challenge over at Book by Book for the first time.  This is her tenth year at this and I am glad I found Sue!  We not only have reading in common but CFS/ME too.  Before I show you a few of the big books I have coming up this summer I wanted to show you the mail day that made me cry last week.

One of my high school ASL students, Kira, just finished up her first year at college.  She was involved as an officer in PAH club and I had her for three years as a student.  Her mom was the room mom and did so much for my classroom (she was an ex Math teacher) and we have kept in touch.  Kira made me this "I love you" diamond painting and wrote me two cards and sweet stuff on the back too.  I miss teaching so much and immediately moved stuff and gave it a prominent place on the mantel.
Now on to books.  I got this book cart from Target and Kathy put it together for me.  This color was not my first choice, but it was 50% off!  I also had over 15 dollars worth of Target bucks so this was less than 5 bucks.  Winning!  I wasted no time in filling the cart.  

My sweet granddaughter fell asleep while I was rocking her the other morning.  She is the light of my life.  I save all my energy for this girl--it may not be much energy, but she gets it!

And here are some of the more than 400 page books I will be reading this summer!  I am sure there are more...I plan to start "House of Sky and Breath" tonight.  I came back to edit this post after reading someone else's...she wrote what the books were about or why she wanted to read them and I realized that would be nice to add here.  
I am participating in the Off Your Shelf Reading Challenge on Discord and my partner, Amanda Reading & Writing Life, picked fifteen books for me to add to a spin and start reading (from the TBR I provided her) and "A Column of Fire" was the first pick.  I read book one and two over a decade ago.  Loved them but they are epic and after reading the first two books I took a long break.  I read the prequel the end of 2020 and now and ready for the conclusion.  
I will be reading "Beneath a Scarlet Sky" the end of June and into July for the Up to No Good Bookclub from Booktube.  This is a fun group I stumbled onto who are my people!  We are reading "Young Mungo" this month and then onto that one.  
Booktube (which I only found this past year) has introduced me to the remaining authors and books. So I want to get to them this summer too.  Nevermoor is on the June TBR as is North and South.  The others will find their way in in July or August.
I am also reading "Katherine of Aragon" in May/June (I am three chapters in since the discussion is the end of June) and I am pretty sure it is over 400 pages too.  

Here is my Pile of Possibilities for June...the books under "Upgrade" are all for book groups or my spin from the Off Your Shelf Reading Challenge.  The books above that I am hoping to get to.  I also have some books on my Nook from way back when that fit the June Austen read so hope to read or DNF some of those.  I also have "The Widow" for AJ Dunn's read from the library on audio.  

If you came here for sewing I will write another post here in a few!  If you are a reader or want to join in (and maybe when a prize) head over to Sue's blog and check out the Big Book Summer Challenge and leave me a comment here so I can follow you!  You only need to read one big book to participate !  Happy reading!


Sue Jackson said...

I think this is my first visit to your blog, Angela (I didn't even know you were a blogger, too!) - wow, those quilts in your banner photo are gorgeous!! I love all the bright colors.

Welcome to Big Book Summer!

Looks like you have some really great books planned. My son loves Sarah J. Maas. I read Piullars of Fire (and many of Follett's old thrillers in the 80's), but I haven't tried the Century trilogy yet - maybe for Big Book Summer 2023! Like you, I am trying to also clear some books off my shelves this summer :)

Enjoy your summer reading - glad you decided to join the fun!

2022 Big Book Summer Challenge

Melinda said...

It looks like you have some great Big Books this summer! Good luck with the challenge! - Melinda @ A Web of Stories

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Those look like good books!!!

Karen K. said...

North and South is WONDERFUL, one of my all-time favorites (also a great miniseries adaptation, don't miss it!) I also loved Gaskell's Wives & Daughters, I highly recommend it. Enjoy your summer reading!

Anne@HeadFullofBooks said...

Big books always cause me to feel daunted at the task. Though I usually pull off two or three per summer. I just finished my first one: The Heart's Invisible Furies