Saturday, May 7, 2022

Ruby Jubilee and Lori Holt Block Progress

Finished up Ruby Jubilee part three I think it was.  Barb's is looking great in green.
Becky's is looking great in purple too!
The UFO # for this month brought up my Lori Holt blocks...I finally came up with a plan to make these blocks to put between those.  I will be making two quilt tops, but no rush.  Hoping to get these blocks made this month.  I started out by using four patches and cut up squares that were already waiting for a use.  If I am not happy with them I may switch them all up for the more modern fabrics.  Not sure yet.

These are all the books I read in April.  I do listen to some or go back and forth or do both at the same time.  Lots of reading happening since I spend a lot of time in bed or with my feet up.  Thankful I can read and it does not seem to tire me the way almost everything else does!


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