Friday, May 7, 2021

Humble Quilts Mini Swap

I participated in the Humble Quilts Mini Quilt Swap this month.  This is the beauty I got from my swap partner Betsy.  She sent it all the way from Florida.  Since I am not much of an appliquer I am tickled.  It is always nice to get a quilt I would not be likely to make!  The backing has sewing scissors too.  

I had decided I would make my own partner (different person) a Kathleen Tracy mini.  It is in "Small and Scrappy" and is called Treasure Boxes.  I enthusiastically got started before I knew I was in the swap for sure.  I decided to make two since I like to keep one for myself (otherwise I have a hard time letting go of them!).  I had the whole thing up to the binding point when it occurred to me I should double check the requirements...and it needed to be 12 or more inches!  Mine was only 11!  ACK!  I had already basted and started hand quilting the second one ( I was not nuts for it so set it aside and machine quilted the other one) so I guess it was lucky that I had not doubled but twice doubled the cutting and had accidently cut for FOUR quilts.  I went ahead and sewed the other two and added a border so it was over 12 inches!
I was pretty happy with my quilting for once!  I used the walking foot and just did diagonal lines across it.  

The picture below has the first one on top and then the slightly larger one I sent to my partner Bonnie.  The third one has some hand quilting which I may pull out and is still in progress.


My partner posted she likes it, so that made my day!

And here is a picture of the fourth one which now also has the border on it (see last picture) now I have a three extras...thinking I may be giving away two of them!

I quilted the last two and got them bound Thursday night.  So here are the three I still have.  If you want a little one for your mini quilt collection, leave me a comment and I will pull a name a week after this post goes live.  I am keeping one and I will gift the other...I knew they would all find homes!



The Joyful Quilter said...

Are you kidding, Andee?! I collect (and make) mini quilts for the Gallery Wire in my studio. I would LOVE to win your darling extra quilt!!!

Lori said...

They are like potato chips, hard to make just one! LOL