Sunday, November 22, 2015

Finally Putting the Lime in the Coconut!

 I feel like I did not do much today but I was in my quilting studio all day long (with many treks to do laundry and help Coleman and Chelsea paint the downstairs bedroom burgundy so they can move into the room now that we booted our tenant out for stealing from us).  
 These are not all of the blocks but what fit on the design wall.  I have to make most of the alternate blocks yet and just don't have the energy to tackle that right now so this project is packed up for another day.  I am linking up with SoScrappy for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  If you have yet to visit her blog or catch this rainbow fever, she is now hatching her plans for Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2016 and it is going to be a row by row.

 I made my Betty's Choice blocks for Amy and I.  We are so close to trading blocks now, I can hardly wait!


scraphappy said...

Well it sounds like you will be better off without that tenant. Busy times! Still amazed that you have any time at all to sew.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Congrats! on spending time in the studio today. There will be another day for working on alternate blocks. Maybe you'll have the energy next week.

Amy said...

Hey gf!!!!
I totally need to take stock to see where I am at with my RSC'15! I know I haven't taken care of the Cafe' Latte NOR the Lime in the Coconut yet! Time to get motivated with organizing those scrap colors :D

I am so thankful you thought to pull me into this project; I too can't wait to see the quilt come together after switching blocks

Sheila said...

Sorry to hear about your ex tenant! What a jerk.
Beautiful blocks!