Saturday, November 21, 2015

Pulling the Fabric for Allietare!

 Decided on my color palette for Alietare!  I was inspired by our copper mugs with Moscow Mules in them on the beach at Rocky Point.  It was such a relaxing night watching the sunset on the water.  I found this picture and pulled fabric accordingly!
 I have more scrappy fabric pulled but not in the picture and have strips cut too in my bins.  I will pull that as each clue comes out and I know what size I need.  My copper will be my constant in for grey (originally was going to be for black but I screwed up right off! *edit*).   My browns are her blacks which has the next yardage.  The next largest color yardage wise for Bonnie is red and mine will be turquoise.  I hope this comes out as I envision!  I used a tamer yellow/gold where Bonnie used  gold. Originally it was going to be tan but it was not proving to have enough zip for me!
 I also pulled for the yardage for Kathy.  She will again follow Bonnie's colors and will pull from strips and scraps too!

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