Friday, August 8, 2014

Whirling Blades Mini Quilt Arrived!

 My swap partner for the small quilt swap got her cheddary churn dash quilt today and in return I got this adorable "Whirling Blades Mini Quilt!"  It is really a cute quilt with tiny pieces!

 Barbara used civil war prints and did each block with two colors (and the background) to make them look like they really are whirling.  It is adorable and was worth the wait--I think we were the last two to trade but the anticipation was fun!  She also sent me a sweet card and a few other gifties that but sadly, the gifties were lost in the mail since this is what the package looked like when it arrived:

 I did get a picture of the gifties and though I am bummed they did not arrive, I am SEW over the moon with my little quilt and I am SEW happy that it made it--that would have made me cry if it had been missing.  I know Barbara wasn't any too happy a few things were missing but that is how it goes sometimes.
Can you tell I am happy with this little trade?  I hope Barbara likes her cheddary churn dash too!  I think she made a double of this one for herself too--always good to make something you want to keep and then your partner will love it too!


Gina said...

What a gorgeous quilt. It's a shame that the package had an accident on the way to you but at least the main attraction arrived in one piece xxx

scraphappy said...

I had no idea how tiny those quilt pieces were until the final picture of you holding it! You look fabulous by the way! What there is left of you that is!

Kathy S. said...

That's an adorable mini. I'm catching up on my 2015 RSC Sawtooth sampler and a link brought me here. Hope all is well. I get to meet Bonnie next week!!! Whohoo. Finally. My diet is doing awful. Someday I'll find my motivation like you. :)