Monday, May 25, 2009

Zoe and More!

I finally stopped over at Michelle's and delivered the babies quilts..this is the second one finally done. She was happy with them and Diamond liked hers...Destiny is only one so she didn't say too much, lol.
Here is another quilt history blue work block. Finished this the other night and am caught up until I get another pattern or two at this week's Quilt History class. This one still needs ironed!

Kathy's nephew Buck graduated from Dobson High School this past week. We are SUPER PROUD of him! This is him with his parents on the left and favorite aunt Kathy, sister Megan and niece Ayla. You can see the quilt Kathy and I made for her sister proudly hanging in their front room too. This is Buck's sweet and gorgeous girlfriend Jen. She is wrapped in my car quilt to keep warm in the rain. Did I mention it rained for the whole time at the outdoor graduation? We didn't care--at least it wasn't 110!
Here is more of the drenched group.

Buck is planning on going to college for Pharmacy Tech...we are so glad! He is a good kid with a great future ahead of him.
We also got a new Zoe is about six months old. She was returned to the pound by someone and now she is home with us! She is chiuahuahua mix (maybe with Jack Russell?) and has lots of energy. She gets along well with the crew here and likes all of us and the outside. I left her downstairs (gated off the stairs) to run up and take a quick shower this morning and before I even got IN the shower, she had figured her way up the stairs to hang with me. She isn't completely potty trained. She learned the dog door in a hurry and only had one accident yesterday in the house, but still alot of effort on our part to remind her to go out and such. I don't think it will take long though. She likes my shoes...drags them out the dog door with her which is only slightly hilarious! So far she hasn't chewed on them, just lugged them around.
I am finally done with my teaching job and what a feeling that is! I have been cleaning around the house and even did my purse this morning. It gets so heavy and half the stuff in it doesn't need to be so now it is lighter.
We went and saw Star Trek the night before was really good! I even picked up a new DVD set of Star Trek shows gone by for my step dad for Father's Day. He always liked that show and he is HARD to buy for! Not much sewing or crafting happening, but I did print out Bonnie K. Hunter's Bricks and Stones pattern and am thinking about making a few small dog quilts with that pattern!

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