Sunday, May 17, 2009

Projects Accomplished, but Not Lots of Sewing!

Today was a day of projects...Randy put together the new grill (and we had steak for dinner!) it is partially in progress. These suckers take awhile to come together and it involved one trip to the hardware store for nuts or something since they shorted us two!
I finally painted up the bench Kathy made me. It is this pretty salmon color since that was in the garage and I liked it. I hope she makes more of these for Christmas would remind us all of my great grandpa Tony who made them originally for everyone. You can see the grill stuff in progress in the background there.
And the biggest and best project of all this weekend was my new bookshelf in my quilting studio! Kathy didn't follow the rule of measure twice, cut once and somehow this sucker was too long for the space we wanted it in.
So after shortening it and lightly staining it, here it is!
Jade kitty had to get in there and inspect it too! And here it is with a bunch of stuff relocated on it! I want to organize the magazines better but for now it is nice to have an extra shelf and it is wider than the old Wal-Mart one I had there (that was relocated to the bedroom and has picture albums on it now).
Last night we had Randy's Spinach and Strawberry is a pic of it. One of the best salads ever. Super easy too!
On the sewing front, I tied my Pay it Forward quilt number two and pinned the binding. In a few minutes I will work on hand binding it. I cut the batting for the two NYE mystery quilts that Kathy made baby size (with the circus fabric) so they are set for tying or quilting too. I mostly putzed I guess, but it was fun.
At my tablerunner class last Tuesday Barb taught me how to do the applique stitch with my new machine. I finished one side of the butterfly tablerunner. It looks okay, not as good as I hope the second side will look. We aren't meeting in June at this point, so I have until July to finish it.
Only one more week of teaching! I can't believe I can count the days on one hand. I have been bringing my stuff home for the past month or so and I am ready for the end. Feel like I am jumping ship, but the boat is sinking anyway..and I can swim!


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Jane said...

It's a great feeling when things come together like this. The shelves and table look fantastic