Thursday, January 27, 2022

Valentine's Mini Mystery and Ruby Jubilee in Other Colors!

I finished up the flimsy for Kathleen Tracy's Mini Valentine Mystery today.  Nice and simple.  Barb's is below though she added a roses border on hers and it is cute!


I sewed with Becky a few days ago and convinced her to start Ruby Jubilee! She wasted no time in picking out fabrics and whipping these up.  She was my blogging friend before I moved to Arizona and we lived close enough together out there to be in the same guild!  You may remember we did the Quiltville cruise together and lots of hiking too.  Now we sew together online now and then.  SEW much fun!  Barb finished hers up in greens.  It is going to be so cool to see these three come together in three different colorways.  The next issue of Quiltmaker is out digitally and so I know we have plenty of blocks to make in the next few months. I get it on Scribd which I have a free trial of.  I just cannot figure out how to print from it (unless I screenshot and do it that way and it usually does not enlarge well when I try that) and though I have the patterns from Quiltmaker and could go that route, I am tempted to just wait for my actual issue to arrive.  I have plenty to keep me busy!

Recently finished these two books.  I liked them both.

I have been working on R Trail and so it is trimmed, stay stitched, aqua borders cut and added and final borders assembled.  I am hoping to get at least two of them on tonight, more if I have the energy. 

In family and health news:  my daughter, son in law and granddaughter are over covid.  My oldest has it again (I think this is the third time) and it looks like my mom and dad have it too.  My sister thinks she had it a week or two ago.  It is crazy contagious and amazing Kathy and I have not caught it, but with all my medical appointments I feel like it won't be long.  Hazel starts daycare next week so we may pick it up from her (and Hannah starts a new job too) so our exposure will be greater.  I have enough issues without that on top of it.  Not sure if I told you guys but my RRMS was changed to PPMS.  They originally thought I had PPMS, then decided I did not and now the new neuros think that was what I originally had.  Of course, that is the worse type and I have been on meds that do not help the other type which explains my downward spiral somewhat.  I have now started PT and OT and they are putting in for a scooter (I got a walker already) so I can get around if I need to.  May your health be good!



scraphappy said...

So sorry that your health news is not better. The blocks do look great though. Glad you are still able to find some energy to sew. Good luck avoiding Covid. The numbers say it has peaked and is headed down here, but it sure doesn't seem that way

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the blog so well and I hope you have something new for me to study.

Kathy S. said...

I love seeing all the versions of the Valentine Mystery. I'm starting to get addicted to the mini quilts because of the instant gratification. Your green blocks are GORGEOUS!!!

Unknown said...

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