Sunday, January 16, 2022

Books and Progress on Two Mystery Quilts

My advent book box finally arrived.  I decided to go ahead and read one story and open one gift a day.  So far I have opened these:
Day two was sheer-ish drapes with book quotes on them.  I did not take a picture apparently.  So far story two was the best.  I have not read today's yet.
I decided to do the booktube spin publicly this time.  Here are my twenty books for all the pulls this year (or at least the start books get read they will get replaced).  They pulled two numbers and I got Earthbound and The Pursuit of Mary Bennet.  Looking forward to them!

Currently reading "Hamnet," "The Odyessey," "The Twelve Days of Bookmas," and Violetta from Netgally.  Also listening to "Maybe in Another Life."


My daughter has Covid (and likely my granddaughter though so far not her hubby).  We seem to have escaped it (though early yet to know) and we went ahead with our finally scheduled Booster shots yesterday.  Hitting Kathy harder than me as usual.  My MS keeps my body busy.  I am having new symptoms and finally saw my new neuro and his fellow.  They have changed my diagnosis to Primary Progressive Multiple Schlerois (PPMS) and will change my medication.  The meds I have been on do not help with this type (the worse type) of MS.  Lucky me.  Three times a week burning shots for several years and they were not even helping me.  Shaking my head.  Grateful to have switched my PCP to a good doctor who referred me to these guys.  Things are going to improve from here.  They already started me a new med for my leg pain and are getting approval for anther to help me walk.  Next up, infusions.  I got my new walker too.  I just need to sit and rest a lot but hopefully can do a few more things now that I have it--once Covid calms down.

Okay, now on to quilting which is what most of you came for!  This is not the greatest picture, but I only have so much floor space, and even less wall space!  Bug had to run on in and pose too.  This was the Attic Stars mystery quilt from New Year's Eve/Day.  The pattern is still available online free for now.  I love how it came out.  Barb's is great too but so far no picture of it all.

Friday the reveal for R Trail came out.  I somehow managed to sew the corners, and setting blocks in both directions (Hazel stayed home with sick Mama).  

Here are all the parts so far.  (Whoops, except the flying geese!) Not sure I am loving adding the aqua.  Will play with it a bit.  



The Joyful Quilter said...

Congrats on finishing up your New Years quilt top, Andee!! Best of luck on figuring out what you want to do with that Bonnie Mystery. Just remember, amended is better than abandoned!

Unknown said...

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Quilter Kathy said...

I do hope the new meds will help decrease symptoms so you have more painfree quilting time!

Unknown said...

I really like it and I hope there is something new
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