Saturday, January 22, 2022

Growing the Rhododendron Trail Quilt!

I finally tied this eye spy quilt (and another one, no picture) after a long time of it hanging out waiting.  

I have been growing R Trail by a row or two each day.  I am now on the other half row three!  So three giant rows to go, then on to borders.  If you are doing this beast, how is it coming along?  

I won this beautiful book from a booktuber (MsReadsAlot) and I happily passed on my cheap paperback copy on to Jay.  This one is so fancy!  It has beautiful full color pictures inside too.  Years ago, I read a story a night aloud to Kathy but we eventually stopped. No idea where, but may have to start that up again with this copy!
These were the rest of my advent calendar gifts.  My favorite was the Jane Eyre Christmas ornament.  The books are always nice too!



Mari said...

Your RT quilt is coming along nicely! I love this year's colors. The I Spy looks great too. Enjoy your lovely new book!

Vireya said...

Good progress on your RT!

I've finally made all the parts, so will start assembling rows soon.

Jan said...

You're RT is coming along nicely, I'm still way behind.

Unknown said...

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The Joyful Quilter said...

Your RT is going to be gorgeous, Andee!!

Unknown said...

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