Saturday, December 18, 2021

Three Quilt Finishes, a Clue and some Reading!

Pine Tree Point made for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge made its way to Arizona to Melissa who quilted it (and the B2 quilt) in a jif and mailed it back to me!  I love how both quilts came out.  This one is for my daughter and her hubby.  It is quilted with stars.  Linking up!

We got our little tree up last weekend and so far the cats and Hazel are leaving it be.
I managed to get clue 3 done for R Trail.  Pretty happy with it so far.  Clue four is out and I just made one test block which turned out great, but no energy to cut all the parts for it...we have over a week for this clue though so no worries.
I finally finished up my Mourning Crosses quilt with my Dad's shirt pieces.  I made three others for family and just never got to mine.  Luckily I quilt better now than I did then, so this one has baptist fans all over it.
I stuffed and sewed up both Hazel's H is for Happy pillows for her baby dolls, but tucked one away before getting a picture.
My book secret Santa sent me this book and I have read the first couple stories.  Strange!
Here is the BQ2 quilt I made for Rachel and Bryan.  It is quilted with flames.  They will love it!

Had a doctor's appointment for bloodwork (they are testing me for Lyme) on Thursday so since Kathy took the day off to use up her PTO, we stopped at a Goodwill nearby.  I found these books, yay!
Finished this one this morning.  I enjoyed it, but will not plan to read the sequel.  
This was the latest Once Upon a Book Club selection.  I did not really like it.  It is about a cop shooting a black boy and tried to get to you see both sides I guess.  Just too close to home and not at all "entertaining" though an important topic.  I cancelled my membership since it is expensive and I mostly resell the boxes after (though several have not sold).  I am still getting the Halloween box (shipping issues) and the special Christmas box that I ordered, but after that will only get a few here and there or used.
I listened to this book and really enjoyed it!  
 Hazel is signing and saying words like crazy now!  She is starting to put two together.  Her latest signs were TIGER, STAR, COW...she also is waving at me for attention which is super cute!


Mari said...

Love, love the Pine Trees! It turned out so pretty! The BQ2 quilt is lovely as well, and I'm sure they'll love it. Great choice of books. I love anything by Dennis Lehane. Merry Christmas!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Congrats on those finishes, Andee! BQ patterns are great for large scale prints, aren't they? Members of my quilt bee love to make any of them for donation quilt and quick gifts. What fun you are going to have this Christmas with Hazel around... Enjoy!!

Ivani said...

Pine tree quilt is beautiful. And I love the BQ2 quilt. You give me a great idea.

Rebecca said...

Love the trees!!!
Can you tell me the pattern name for Rachel and Bryan quilt?
Its almost like its on the tip of my tongue.

maggie fellow said...

pine trees are great and congrats on keeping current with bonnie mystery

Susie H said...

Love your rainbow forest. I'll be following along to see how Rhododendron Trail finishes. Merry Christmas!

scraphappy said...

Your rainbow trees are so pretty! Feels good to finish off so many quilts before the end of the year. Nice work on staying caught up with the mystery quilt as well. Happy Holidays!