Friday, December 24, 2021

Clue 4--the One that Almost Made Me Behind

Clue four of R Trail is a doozy.  I was pretty sure this one was the one in which I would get behind even though we have three extra days before the next clue.  However after finally getting all of it cut (I cannot find, or used up, all of my strips of the size needed for this clue so I had to cut a zillion strips before cutting the triangles...had I realized I would have replenished.  Maybe I misplaced them, but think I used them all for Winter Blues (in Green).) I set a goal of X amount per day so that I could be done by the next clue.  I got behind, but yesterday caught up again.  I did not count today in my figuring because I knew we were going to be at my daughter's and I would be more than tired but I decided to get in here and sew for an hour (while watching Wheel of Time episode 5) so now I feel a little ahead.  So right on track to keep up!

Also still reading and listening like crazy.  Malibu Rising was a little soap opera-ish, but I enjoyed it. 

The Flatshare is not my usual kind of book, but I really enjoyed it.  It was a romance, but the couple does not even meet in person for a super long time in the book which made it fun.

Children of Blood and Bone was decent, but I do not feel the need to read the next book in the series.  Trying to read more fantasy but I do not always love it. 

 Hazel has more than 110 spoken words (yes, we counted) and so many signs I stopped counting.  She shows me several new ones almost each day.  She is so entertaining!  Here she is showing me NUMBER, WOLF, and TREE.  Her signs are not textbook (of course) but she is consistent in them.  She already puts two signs (or words) together.  HELP OPEN (for open the gate or other things) and MORE CHEESE (her favorite food).  She just turned 15 months old yesterday.  So much fun!

Many years ago two gals (think it was Allie and Cheryl) started "Christmas Through the Year" and when she gave it up, another gal (Darlene at Quilting Daze) took it over.  I joined in for a few years at that point.  For this next year I wanted to join again and went looking for it with no luck!  I guess it faded out.  I really enjoy making something and checking it off my list each month.  Sometimes it is one thing (like an apron) and other times it is five (like a pillowcase).  So I started a list of things I have made that I may make again (so many years have passed I have a new batch of kids to sew for) and I hope to be sewing one item each month.

Things I have made previously (and that are on my blog already) pillowcases, wine bags, the Simple bag, burp cloths, dolly buntings, dolly quilts, potato bags, aprons, pencil cases, hexagon trivets, Christmas tree napkins and I am sure there is more! 

I am hoping to get started in January with a bunch of Pocket Pillows.  Shabby Fabrics has a free pattern.  I can think of ten kids at least to make this for (My oldest son's wife has six kids and one grandkid with another on the way and he has adopted the youngest child as she had a different father, so always looking for things for them and it adds up fast!).  

Does anyone know of another Christmas Through the Year type thing to help keep me motivated and on track?  

Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays!


Vireya said...

There are a number of bloggers who do a "1 Xmas item a month" thing. I've never participated, but have seen posts here and there about it. Have a look here:

Happy Christmas!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Nice work on the R Trail clue, Andee, and have fun with Hazel today!!

Unknown said...

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