Monday, March 15, 2021

Three Merry Mayhem Medallion Tops

I showed you my completed Merry Mayhem Medallion top already, but Becky just finished hers so I thought I would show off hers too!
She originally wanted to use a really pretty succulent fabric for her outer border, but decided it did not work well so after auditioning that, this and green she went with this.

Barb's turned out great too!  Her colors really worked!  The three of us sewed together on New Year's Day and as always it was a good time.

I am still working on my outer string border for Grassy Creek.  I got all the parts done and put them into pairs and realized I was short!  I made a few more matches and put them into pairs and I am still two pairs short.  So I will be getting to that so I can complete this quilt.  



The Joyful Quilter said...

Those quilt tops turned out great, Andee!! Looking forward to seeing your Grassy Creek quilt come together.

Vireya said...

Three lovely medallion quilts - all different and all beautiful.