Sunday, March 21, 2021

Spring Time Tulips

Finished up my Red Button Quilt Company "Simply Quilts" and hung it on the mantle.  Really happy with it.
I also FINALLY finished the flimsy of Grassy Creek!  Hard to find a big enough space with good lighting to get a picture so the front yard (snow barely melted) with shadows from the tree is the best I could do.  I sure miss my bougainvillea (not sure I spelled that right) in Arizona!  It was such a pretty backdrop to my quilts and most everyday the sun cooperated for photos! 

I really wanted some spring colored mini quilts so I chose some fabric and a pattern and sewed yesterday.  Tulip Time is the free pattern.

Made it about this far, took a three hour nap and returned to it later on.

Of course it did not take me long to realize it was WAY BIGGER than I was thinking for a little quilt to hang from the mantle!
So when it was done I decided to do another one with the Lori Holt pattern.  I was not crazy for how the bottom or her flowers had no square part like a tulip.  They went to a point,   So I reduced the size of the white squares and got the look I wanted. Made it this far before bed.
Today I got it done.
You can see how much smaller it is next to the original!  We are ready for Spring around here!


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Vireya said...

Love your spring tulips. Congrats on getting Grassy Creek together!