Monday, December 10, 2018

Whirwind Weekend and Clue Three in Progress!

 Friday night my daughter Hannah flew in from Wisconsin for 48 hours so we could wedding dress shop.  She had two dresses from Azazia shipped here so she tried those on Friday night.
She made appointments here in Arizona and Saturday morning we went to David's Bridal where she tried on about nine dresses.  All but maybe three we all liked though the top contenders were number one and three. In the end the winner from store one was number three and we were pretty sure that would be the one.
My mom and Kathy and I were her entourage.  The gal she had was really fast at getting dresses and at getting her changed which was great.
We had a quick lunch and then went to Brilliant Bridal where she was not finding alot of dresses she liked.  The set up there is get to walk around and pick the dresses you want to try.  We picked one for fun because it reminded us of something my great grandma Rushman would have worn!  The dress was made off little white plastic discs.  It actually looked great on and my sister (who was voting via pictures on the phone) liked that one.  The second dress she tried on there was an absolute stunner.  It was the first dress that she immediately said "I really like this one" to.  I knew then we had a winner.  She tried on a half dozen more or so and then back to dress two.  They added a better belt and a veil and it was a done deal.  She said yes to the dress! 

 Meanwhile, I knew Kathy and I would fall behind on clue three due to these plans but clue three will wait a bit.  So Saturday morning since I am up early anyway, I cut (and marked the first square) all of my parts--it helps that I have strips cut in the right sizes though I needed to cut more of the darker blue color for variety.  I also cut about a hundred of Kathy's neutrals which are the dark blues.

 Sunday morning I sewed a test block (before drawing lines on all those squares) and packed everything up to take to my brother's house.  The whole family got together and watched the Packer game and ate.  I marked all of my squares and Kathy and I did all of hers.  Still need to cut her aqua (which goes in her center) but we have strips cut to choose from first.  We hope to sew about a quarter of them each night this week so we stay caught up but we shall see!

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Moneik said...

A little bit of sewing each night should keep you both caught up. I was able to get the first half done, now tonight I hope to get the other corner and HST's made, so I'll have them all done.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Congrats! to Hannah on finding THE dress. How exciting!! You and Kathy will catch up on Clue 3. Eventually!!

Vireya said...

What a busy time! Hooray for finding the perfect dress. That hunt can go on for ever.