Sunday, December 23, 2018

Clue Four Done--Clue Five in Progress!

I wound up making about two thirds of clue four for Kathy (and all mine) as she has been even more under the weather than me.  It was made easy because this clue we are both using the same color for. Rather fun!  Friday morning I did not have to be to work until 8 AM (no kids and we only stay til 1 PM) so I managed to get the right size strips sorted and out to take to Barb's which is where I finished clue four.  She let me go through her purples and add strips--that was SUPER fun!

I got my clue cut and then Kathy's clue cut but the picture of hers is not on my phone!  I also got this ginormous cup (Pioneer Woman) with a lid from my Winter Wonder Pal and I love it for huge cups of tea (and coffee too!). 
I always pull however many clips I need for the clue and then clip them as I go in sets of ten.  I get so tired of always recounting and that really cuts it down.  These are the fun clips that Marguerite gave me at our Quiltville Mystery Kickoff Party.
I have roughly half of clue five done as of tonight...may get to it early in the AM and finish it off before going to my brother's place but depends.  

Here are all my parts so far in a bit of a messy state.  I am SEW excited to see how Bonnie puts all of these together this year!  Linking up to Quiltville in the morning!


TheEclecticAbuela said...

Lovely units! Happy Holidays.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Sorry to hear that Kathy isn't feeling well. Hoping she's better in time to go to your brothers! You are doing a great job with keeping up on the Mystery. Here's hoping that you have a Merry Christmas!

Vireya said...

Your colour scheme(s) are looking wonderful. Happy sewing, and happy Christmas!

scraphappy said...

So glad that you are joining into the RSC again. I always vote for the easier pattern.