Sunday, December 16, 2018

Good Fortune--On to Clue Four!

This week was crazy so no sewing happened in spite of our best intentions!   We had hoped to sew yesterday but that did not happen either.  We did stop at a Goodwill for half off day and found a ton of this fabric which we got for a total of four bucks!

Also, we did go out on my very first party bus with our MoeFoe friends to see the Christmas lights.  We did not realize we were not just driving through the lights, but were parking and walking in the various areas--I most likely would not have gone had I known.  My Epstein Barr just lets me do so much and Friday my high school students caroled around the school which meant I got 8000 steps (which is nothing I know, but for me anything over 5000 or so means I need a day of recovery in bed!) so I was already tired and wound up walking 7000 steps Saturday.  Too all I did was sew--it was hard to stay out of bed all day but I did it!  One more week of work and then vacation so I am hoping I have not pushed myself too far!

So today I started out by cleaning up my strings...I have them all stored and sorted by color but in the last year or two I just kept piling in the new ones without today I sorted and found larger bags for those that needed it and such.  I picked out the correct shade of purple as Bonnie's oranges are purple for both Kathy and I.  I also finished cutting Kathy's clue and later helped her iron them all.
Clue Three

All the clue colors so far.

Kathy's Clue Three
 We both sewed away on clue three until it was done!  I even made seven of clue four so it is in progress!  Hoping to make a quarter of them each night this week so we will really be caught up when clue five comes out Friday.  I know it is not a race, but for me the motivation is best when the mystery is live!  Linking up with Quiltville!   Barb and I Skype sewed most of the day.  She has not started the mystery, but was working on cool towels for Christmas gifts.
Start of Clue Four!

I also sewed a quick tissue holder and two hexagon trivets with orange for my Winter Wonder Pal at work.  The gal I got is someone I do not I got some of her favorite candy, soda, made those two items and got her thank you cards which she had on her list.  Hopefully she will like her stuff!


Vireya said...

It looks like you and Kathy are making good progress, even with everything else going on at this time of year. Once you have clue 3 done, clue 4 feels very easy in comparison. I'm sure you will get it done by the end of the week.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Great picture of you two with the Christmas lights!! You're doing a great job of keeping up with the mystery. Can't wait to see how different yours and Kathy's turn out!

Moneik said...

Great job getting the Clue 3 done. I am still making a few HST's for Clue 3 and have my strings cut for Clue 4, but no sewing for me so far.