Saturday, November 25, 2023

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day Mystery Options!

 There are so many mystery quilt options for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day this year.

Cuts and Bolts should be doing a NYE mystery which I plan to do this year.  I did not join in last year and loved BJ's quilt.  So I am on it this year.

Here are my fabric picks for Debi Montgomery's Mystery Quilts Anonymous.  This one starts on NYE at 2 pm my time which is NYD her time.  I am not for sure I am doing this one yet, but pulled fabric in case.  She has a webpage and a facebook page if you are interested.

I will for sure do Merry Mayhem (along with Barb, Becky, and BJ) on NYD.  The info is out for prep work so I need to get going on that.  It is scrappy so I have not picked any fabrics yet. Edit:  Here are my fabrics.  I used the floral to pick my fabrics so it is controlled ish scrappy.  Looking forward to it!

Another NYD option is the Stitchin Heaven mystery quilt.  Last year they paired with Craftsy and the quilt had a zillion hst's.  It was not a one day type mystery.  Not sure if they have improved this year, but info for cutting is already out.  I will be sitting this one out unless I love it and then I will do it down the line.  

Are you doing any of these mysteries?  Do you know of any on NYE or NYD that I have missed?  Happy Sewing!


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