Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Behind on the Blogging!

I am behind on the blogging!  I have been sewing so let's catch you up!  I made seven of these paper pieced books from Etsy for my Up to No Good Book Club group members.  This fabric reminds me of "The Luminaries" which was one of the first books I read with the group.  


I also sewed up the second to last Log Cabin Love block awhile back.  One to go.

Here are all the blocks so far.  Linking up with Angela!
I finished an Eye Spy quilt and got it tied and bound and off to Norway.  This is for my honorary daughter's baby boy #3.
I also made a stack of simple bags which is a favorite pattern of mine.  Some of these may be gifts for next year since I went a bit crazy making them with no one in mind!
I quilted and bound both of the Butterfly Bush quilts.  One is for Lily and one is for Hazel at my house since I gave one of the H quilts to Harper (my best friend's granddaughter).

For Thanksgiving we went to my daughter's house.  It happened to be my youngest son Jay's birthday as well.  The year he was born was a few days before Thanksgiving and I cooked soon after getting home from the hospital.  I about fell over at the table and barely ate.  My hubby offered to clean up and put everything away--he did and put the leftover wine gravy down the garbage disposal.  I was hormonal and cried and cried.  Anyway, he was at the Thanksgiving (been an ex for 22 years now) and we reminisced about this--I think he forgot about it!
Hard to believe my baby is thirty!  
On black Friday I was lucky enough to sew with Barb, Becky, Dr. Kathy, and BJ!  I love this group of ladies and our tradition of Bonnie mystery quilting!

Here is Clue One of Chilhowie.  I never even showed a fabric pull as I literally decided to do Packer colors and brown the day the clue came out.  I am still working on clue two.
Barb sent me a good sized box of fabrics too!  Many of them will be going into a New Year's mystery quilt which I have already cut too.

In that box were some blocks and rows so I whipped them into this pretty little quilt.

I also tried my hand at making some book sleeves. One of these is for me and one is for Becky.  I will be making more soon.



Vireya said...

Your son's birthday must be the same as my son's! Although mine was 37 this year (can't believe that, either).

Glad you can still work on the Quiltville mystery with your sewing friends, even if it is remotely.

Helenchaffin said...

All your blocks are beautiful,I've got some blogging catching up to do as well along with finishing up my rainbow scrappy quilt,why I choose to do little houses this go around is beyond me🤣