Sunday, November 28, 2021

RT Gets a Start!

I quilted and bound both of Hazel's doll quilts.  They have unicorn fabric on the back.

Reading a lot still.  I found this one annoying though I did want to know how it ended.  In its defense, it is a YA.  I do not plan to read book two!

We went to Hannah and Jeremy's for Thanksgiving.  I brought and made my turkey and wine gravy, and completed pumpkin pie and pumpkin roll.  My ex hubby and his sister (and her hubby) and one grown daughter (my goddaughter) and her boyfriend came too.  We played Bang! afterwards and Hannah won--if I remember right.  
My Secret Santa from my game group spoiled me with this!


My fabric color pull for Rhododendron Trail (hereby known as RT!).  I always wait til the clue comes out and pull the correct size strips in the colors and use those before I cut into the yardage.  Sometimes the yardage just gets put back on the shelf.

On Friday I made it this far with clue one.  I did get to sew with BJ and Barb on Facetime.  We had Hazel here and I had a killer headache/migraine that morning so was in slow motion all day. On Saturday I ripped the paper while watching a movie.
Ironed them all up while Facetiming Barb today.  She got her clue to the ironing stage too!
I read this book yesterday and today.  Was not what I thought it was and skim read some of the uninteresting stuff.  I also read an ARC from NetGalley "The House at the End of the Street" which was quite good.  Depressing subject matter (the south during the 60's for one timeline) but well told.
Currently reading and listening to this one.  It is a very strange version of Romeo and Juliet.  There are monsters (sea monster) and insects and lots of death from all that.  I am liking it though.

Today I also cut and sewed this little apron for Hazel for Christmas.  It is the ninth one I have made with my Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild buddy Jona's pattern.



Vireya said...

RT is looking good so far! The unicorn fabric is so cute for hazel's doll quilts.

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