Saturday, November 20, 2021

Books, Games, and Pine Tree Point is a Flimsy!

I got a surprise package the other day!  You may remember I ordered a second blind date with a book from Book_Bestie's Etsy shop.  Well, it was lost in the mail so when I contacted her she immediately sent me a new book.  Weeks later the lost one arrived.  So I get a bonus Blind date!  I DNF'ed the replacement book "Wolf Hall" as it just was not doing it for me by the half way point.  Excited to try the original second one!

I did the Booktube spin #1 and so my chosen book was Jurassic Park.  I love the movie but had never read the book.  Lots of good dinosaur info and it is a bit different from the movie.  I enjoyed it.
Read this one about the plague from 200 ish years ago.  Sounds worse than current times.  At least dead folks are not piling up in the streets.
I got another book box and read this one too.  It was good.  I thought it was going in one direction but it did not.

Currently reading and listening to "Wives and Daughters" which I really am enjoying.  I am so happy to find another classic author I like.  Taking my time and savoring this one, and I already ordered another one by Gaskell.  

I decided to type up all the books I have on my Nook, Kindle, Audible, Chirp and shelf to see what all I had and how many.  My total was 578!  I was shocked.  So since I want all the books and cannot afford all the books (still waiting on disability) I am trying to commit myself to getting through some of those on the TBR this year.  I decided that the booktube readalongs and such can help me pick from the list.  Might make it more fun.  If I do not care for a book, I am going to DNF it and put it on another shelf electronically or get rid of it if a physical book.  I had an empty journal type book so I am going to add and subtract books as I go.  LOL, I ordered a copy of a book about reading your TBR someone wrote which I happened to see on Booktube right after I made this decision.  Luckily I am finding these books on abebooks or ebay, etc.  Not paying full price.

We watched Hazel at her house last weekend while they car shopped for a larger car.  They picked out a Forester I think it was and will get it in January (along with their long ordered couch!).  After they came home we played Cobra Paw.  Hazel really enjoyed rolling the dice for us!  Next we played Bucket of Doom and halfway through Hazel was ready for bed.  Not long after that, I was too!  She is still learning signs like crazy (OPEN, GORILLA, BEANS, CEREAL, ORANGE and so many more).  So fun to see her ask me to open her pouch of fruits/veges, the gate, etc.  She understands the concept clearly!  

I spent some of last weekend working on the borders for Pine Tree Point.

Got out the strings. I pulled all the neutrals from my mixed bag and added them to the neutral bag.  I sewed and sewed.  Thought I needed far more than I did!

I trimmed them to size and then sewed them to strips and removed the paper on Thursday.

And added them to the top!  This flimsy is done. I need to choose a backing and get it longarmed. I would like to give it to Hannah for Christmas if we can swing it.  Linking up with SoScrappy for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  What a fun year of trees I had sewing along with her and all the participants.  I need to pick a block for next year!
Bonnie's Quiltville Mystery this year is Rhododendron Trail and the first cutting and sewing clue comes out next Friday on her blog.  The paint chips are her colors.
I am pretty sure the flowers and paint chips will be my colors. I have not pulled fabric yet.  

Kathy is not planning to do it this year.  She stopped on Frolic and since we moved has not sewn much at all so she wants to finish that one before doing another.  If she did do it, she would maybe do the strawberries' colors.

 Are you doing the mystery?  What colors did you pick?  Such a fun time of year to be sewing!


Lin said...

Your trees are !lovely - happy reading. xx

Kathy S. said...

Your pine tree quilt looks fantastic. LOVE all those neutrals. They make it so much fun.

I'm not sure if I'm doing the mystery yet or not. I don't think I'm in to it this year, but you never know. I will print the instructions for sure.

Hazel is growing so much! What fun. Our son signed a bunch at 10 months old. Yesterday we were are a large, loud, ninja warrior-like event. He was across the room. He's 14 and we communicated with sign. Other parents of littles noticed. I'm so glad we continued the basics. We now have tons of our own signs. It's like we're speaking in code. LOL.

Cathy said...

I Loooove your Pine Tree Point rainbow quilt! What a clever idea! I also prefer your color selection to Bonnie’s for Rhododendron Trail. I’m focused on doing donation quilts this year, but may try a few RT blocks. I’ll wait for the reveal before deciding on a full quilt.

Mari said...

Love the Pine Tree Point! It's so cheerful, I like Bonnie's colors this year, but we all know that the quilt is beyond me. Thinking of tackling Good Fortune in these colors. It's cross-pollinating!

maggie fellow said...

wonderful string quilt and I like the border - I will be doing the mystery as far as I know

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Looks like you're finding lots of good books! I love your rainbow Pine Tree Point - I've always liked that pattern, but have never made it.

Unknown said...

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The Joyful Quilter said...

The tree top turned out great, Andee!! Me? Not doing the mystery. I've got a commission to work on.

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh yes... I'm making the mystery as I always do!
I'm switching out a couple of colours to fit my batik stash. I find that all colours work with Bonnie's designs :)
"See" you tomorrow on the Quiltville blog!
Remember when you used to host a mystery party, and I used to be so jealous?!?!

Unknown said...

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