Saturday, February 27, 2021

Grassy Creek String Borders in Progress

Hazel just turned five months old.  She is the light of all our lives and I am so glad I get to see her so much!  She will sit and watch me sew for a bit before she gets bored.  Cannot wait to teach her to sew!  She loves to look at quilts (they are everywhere here) and I hope that means she will want to be a quilter!
I have been playing more games.  This is Obsession which is themed like Downton Abby--sort of.  Really fun solo, but think I will like it even more with other players.
Aerion has grown on me.  At first I was not sure I liked it, now I am wanting to play it so I think it has caught me.  It is the first game I have sleeved, which I like, but which makes it not fit in the insert in the box right!
In sewing I finally started on my string borders.  Long way to go but will get there.  

 This is just a reminder pic of the colors I have...the whole center is done now.  


The Joyful Quilter said...

LOVE that sweet picture of Hazel!! Best of luck on your String-y border for Grassy Creek, Andee. Your quilt is going to be SEW pretty!

scraphappy said...

I am sure Hazel will love quilting. How could she not? Have fun with your borders. A finished quilt is just around the corner.


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