Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Nature Trail--Take 3!

Today Kathy and I met up with Suli and Oliver for our Sunday Hike at Piestewa Peak!  Suli is the mother of my nephew Ben (and of Ollie but her hubby Diego is his daddy).  Ben was with my brother but it was fun to hang out with my honorary nephew Ollie who warmed right up to us.  He was signing, pounding it and giving us high fives all hike!  
We again set out to do the nature trail...again started at the signs for the trail (you can go right or left according to the sign) and we went right.  Somewhere along the line we found a harder trail but the signs assured us we were on both trails...then suddenly we lost the nature trail!  AGAIN!

 We wound up having to hike back up the mountain that we had nature trailed across.  Then realized it was the same trail we had accidentally found the first time we tried to find this trail.  Coming down the other side of this mountain after a good hike was killer.  Suli said we were badass and we can hike the Grand Canyon now, HAHA!
So much for the nature trail!

It was a perfect day for hiking, really nice and cool.  We saw someone airlifted off the mountain when we arrived and so I hoping he or she is okay--I am so glad that we discovered how much we love hiking.  Today's hike was a bit over our level (since we cannot seem to find the actual trail here!) but we had fun.  Iced my knees after putting chili on the stove and then pretty much did nothing the rest of the day!
Here are the fitbit results from the hike.  46 floors, new record for us!  Nevermind that very active minutes part, trust me I was active.  Fitbit just won't admit it!
I lost 3.6 pounds last week despite being at quilt camp!  YAY!  Total lost is now just over 67 pounds. :)


scraphappy said...

Woohoo for you.

On a roll and no end in sight!

Kathy S. said...

What a fun adventure! Congrats on your record floors on your Fitbit.

Cathy said...

lolol...I keep wondering if you'll ever find that trail! But at least you're enjoying your hikes and getting a great workout while doing it. Congrats on the weight loss! You're doing great!

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