Saturday, November 15, 2014

Such a Happy Saturday!

 Forgot to mention last Thursday Kathy and I went to South Mountain hiking again.  We wrapped my foot (and iced it before and after) and managed to do a shorter than usual hike.  My foot is almost back to normal today--so excited because we are hiking again tomorrow!
 Kathy finished my quilt ladder too!  I haven't had time to really figure out which quilts to put on it but wanted to get a quick picture of it.  We have it on the stairway landing.
 I had some time to play today so I made Lori Holt from A Bee in My Bonnet's "Tom Turkey."  He whipped up pretty quickly and makes me smile!
 Took the March on Green Bay Packers quilts outside for a better photo.
 I completed my Wild and Goosey block for the weekend too.  That is the only Bonnie Hunter/Quiltville sewing I did this week!  So I am linking this post up to Jo's Country Junction!
 I quilted Hat Trick Schnibbles finally!  I put it under my machine like a mat, though I haven't bound it yet.
I also quilted and bound Speck.  Happy to have two more off my list!  
I watched the PBS special about the Roosevelts for about seven hours today and then we started some movies.  So far "Signal" stinks!  Now what shall I sew next?


Scrappy quilter said...

Youv've been bust. So happy to hear your feet are better. That is great news.

Cathy said...

You get soooo much done!! Love it all!

Jo said...

I love the loosey goosey block. I have some made but I haven't touched them in a long time!