Sunday, November 16, 2014

Prepping for Grand Illusion!!!!

 Kathy and I are hosting the second annual Quiltville Mystery kickoff the day after black Friday.  Kathy will do the mystery in Bonnie's fabulous colors but I will be changing it up so we don't have two just alike.  Here are the regular colors plus black and white.
Here are Kathy's fabrics:
And then I had to try to figure out how I wanted to change it up this year!  I love doing the mystery as  a Packer quilt but wanted something different this year (thinking I will do the NYE mystery in Packer colors if that works out!).  So of course I headed to Design Seeds for some inspiration.  I wound up making a Pinterest board of my favorites (you can see it on my page on the upper right) and then narrowed it down to this picture!
I LOVE it!  I also love that the bottom three colors are similar to Bonnie's pics so that makes it easier for me to trust the design will show up in the end!  I decided to do the grey where Bonnie has black and will do blue/periwinkle where she has greens.  I ordered a few more fabrics tonight because I did not have enough of the right apricot (and that is the constant) and I am not too sure about the range in the purples and blues.

There will be more variety because when Bonnie tells us the size of the strips we are to cut from we always check the strip bins for colors that match first before we cut into the yardage.  If you look closely you will see that some of the fabrics in Kathy's picture and my picture are the same--lol we share but no worries, we won't run out!  The scrappier the better!  I can hardly wait.
Now to order the cake for our Second Annual Quiltville Mystery Kickoff happening here in Chandler the day after Thanksgiving!


Vireya said...

Beautiful inspiration picture! What a great way to come up with a colour scheme.

Deb A said...

Such a pretty picture to base your quilt on! I'm thinking of swapping purple out for pink.

SandyPA said...

Your color selection is lovely, Kathy! Did you enjoy the Packers game? I was hoping for a Broncos vs Packers Super Bowl this year, but we totally left the game to St Louis. I live in Eagles territory, so there might be a chance to have a battle worthy of us bloggers. I must also compliment your patience in dealing with those tiny pieces in the pincushions. Yowzah!

Julianne said...

Your colors look great! What is the NYE Mystery? Where do I find out about that? Thanks!

Roslyn said...

Love how you used the sunset sky to pull new colors. Clever girl it would be confusing perhaps if both you Kathy did exactly the same thing.!
I pulled Bonnie's colors not very imaginative is it ?
Your Purple Heaven turned out really pretty .