Saturday, November 15, 2014

Arizona Block Pincushions :)

 A few years ago on Shop Hop, Kathy and I each thought we had to have a kit to make a tiny Arizona block pincushion so we bought them.  So since they have been sitting around waiting patiently for us to get to them (and I didn't have time at Quilt Camp) I finally made them both tonight.  They required the use of the tiniest Thangles I have ever seen.  TINY!  I like triangulations better so I pinned my papers on so I could at least sew several straight lines instead of doing each strip individually.
 How tiny are those pieces?  Not my best sewing, but I took my time and ironed and everything.  Too tiny for me!
 In the end they turned out okay!

 I will gift one and keep one to share with Kathy.  I won't be lining up to do anything that small again any time soon--unless it is paper pieced!
I got tons done sewing today which was fabulous, but I have less than 1000 steps on my fitbit!  Sheesh!  Hiking in the morning and I will be working out tomorrow during the Packer game too!  Gonna shoot for 10,000 tomorrow!  Lost two pounds this past week (after a gain the week before) so now I am at 67.8 total pounds lost.  :)


Kevin the Quilter said...

These are so tiny and just awesome! They look patriotic to me! So, Arizona must be a really patriotic state? LOL

Scrappy quilter said...

Tiny but cute. Great job on the weight loss.

Terri said...

We need to invent an activity monitor for our quilting days! LOL

Love the cushions :D

Kitty Pearl said...

Sew Super!! You are brave to piece so tiny - impressive:) I think AZ block looks even better tiny.