Wednesday, November 5, 2014

3 YEAR (plus) Mini Marathon--Quiltville Fun!

 Back in 2011 Bonnie let us know that she had three mini quilts available through Patchwork Posse.   So of course I needed them--more info from Bonnie here though I am not sure that these patterns are available anymore.  (Picture above borrowed from  She called it a three month mini marathon, it has taken me more like three years to get all three of these babies done! Too funny since they are minis! I think part of why it took me so long was I decided to use leftover parts to make it easier, but somehow then they never got in the actual que to get done! 
 The first one I made was Auntie's Anvil in July 2012.  Blogged about that here.  And I finally got around to making the second one at camp this year--October 2014.  This is Nines Surrounded.  Where does the time go!  This one isn't even quilted yet.

I started Piney Flats at camp too. It has a ways to go yet, but I think I can finish it before Grand Illusion starts!

Have any of you made any of these?  My friend Becky has made the first two, and I saw one Auntie's Anvil in Tuscon, but other than that have not seen too many of these Bonnie minis!
Thanks to Jo and Kelli for the extra kick in the pants to get some partially done Bonnie projects out of the way before Grand Illusion starts!  Linking up to them here!


Mam said...

You can't rush perfection.....or at least that's what I tell myself when I take years to finish a quilt.

Jo said...

That's one Bonnie thing I didn't do. I have to refrain from a few things!!

Cathy said...

I tend to avoid mini's but these are super cute. Great job!

Kevin the Quilter said...

I didn't realize she had minis out there? This was before I got involved I suppose? Your's look amazing as usual!

Colleen said...

Wow minis? Ill have to look for them!