Sunday, March 2, 2008

Summer Bargello Progress

Jade kitty didn't mind the vibrations from my machine as I strip quilted my Quilt University Summer Bargello quilt. She just let the fabric pile up all around her! It was so cute even though she slows the sewing down a titch she is a great companion! She helps me with missing my son C.J. since she is his cat.

Here are the before and after photos on Mac's room. We cleaned it up, painted it and got new carpeting. It looks bigger that is for sure!

Friday we drove around the area and delivered flyers with pictures of my stolen jewelry to the pawn shops. No one has seen any of it so far. I am not giving up hope yet, if a high school student took it then he might just be dumb enough to try to pawn it! I sure didn't know that pawn shops have to upload info on EVERYTHING they get from people everynight. So keep your fingers crossed on that. I also delivered a list of the stolen jewelry to my uncle who is a fantastic jeweler who works at Laskers. He will get together a total for all the stolen stuff that I can give my insurance man.

So while we were downtown we wandered in to the Calico Shoppe and I signed up for the International Quilt Festival in Chicago overnight bus trip on April 12 and 13th. I have never gone on a quilting trip or to a huge show so I am excited. I don't usually like to go to stuff like that alone, but the past two years we have talked about going and somehow since it is six hours away we never get there. Kathy picked out this jelly roll, fabric and pattern to make her sister a quilt since the one we thought we would give her sister went to AZ to my parents (they love it!). We both are really attracted to Ingrid Barlow's patters for the modern traditonalist so we bought one for this fabric, and may have to do more than one. She has a website with other patterns too. I like her style.

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