Sunday, March 16, 2008

Week 6 Irish Star BEOW Complete

We drove down to Waupun to visit CJ yesterday, spent the night and I got to spend a few hours with him. Was so nice to see my DS. He surprised me and cut his hair so I barely recognized him. He is doing well all things considered.

I was bummed not to sew yesterday for National Quilting Day, but tonight after some yard work (snow is melting and the tree we had cut down left us quite a mess under all that snow) I got my sixth Star Block Every Other Week completed for my NewQuiltingClub Yahoo group. They are a bunch of fun ladies, very upbeat and positive. I love all the different stuff they have going on even though I only do about an eighth of it right now! Here is my block...

The four patches (and the all the fabric except the green star stuff) was leftover from the quilt I helped Kathy make for her sister. It was her very first quilt and she wanted it to be Arizona-ish. I didn't have enough of the jalapeno left over so I substituted the star stuff. Looks okay to me. I have another block to do (from several weeks ago) but it is paper piecing and I have never done it before. I plan to review the tutorials and try it tomorrow if I don't have a house showing to take up all my time! I had mild migraine yesterday and today, but took some meds and feel SO much better now...not sure why I didn't take one yesterday!

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