Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Surprise Block

I was feeling kind of blue this evening for no reason in particular. I wanted to get into bed and pull up the covers but it was too early and I hate feeling that way. So...I tried to think about what would cheer me and get the good seritonin flowing in my life...decided to take up the challenge from my fabulous online yahoo group (NewQuiltingClub) and do the Baltimore Blues Block of the Month block one. I love the look of Baltimore Album quilts though I now have a new appreciation for some of what goes into them! WOW! I did the January block from though I think that one isn't available online unless you make a donation, but the rest are still free on the website as the months come up (they leave them for 60 days I think). This may be my first and last block (pillow? bag? lol) but I did enjoy the work of putting it together. I have yet to machine sew it on...but I thought it would be good practice for the quilt I started from Quilter's Home Magazine awhile back. I have all the applique on that but am afraid to ruin it by machine since I don't have much experience with applique...but you gotta start somewhere I guess. So this is a suprise block since I didn't know for sure I was going to do it. I needed a pleasant suprise tonight. And with the blues, Baltimore Blues it was....
On the upside my honey brought me the perfect cup of coffee tonight, the new wood floor is all throughout the downstairs (will try to get some pictures in the sunlight tomorrow), and the house is CLEAN since you never know when the next showing is!

I almost forgot...the other night when I needed a quick sewing fix I used two orphan blocks from my Weaver Fever quilt and leftover fabric to make a pillow which matches my quilt. I am happy with it though I already found a little hole I need to fix...bed is very coordinated now!

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paula, the quilter said...

That is a lovely block. I, unfortunately, was not in time to download the January block. Applique is fun and with a little practice, easy. Machine applique: do a zigzag or buttonhole or mock handapplique. Enjoy!