Saturday, March 22, 2008

Winter Bargello is Cut

I have had such an awful cold and between that and showing the house very little time for quilting. I did however manage to cut strips for my Winter Bargello for Quilt U. Here are two pictures with one different strip. I like the funky fabric with the blue, green, and brown but it might be too much for winter so for the first picture I took it out and added another blue. I thought looking over the pictures might help me decide. I have to get to the fabric store today to get more of the dark brown since I have a scrap in there and need to get a fat quarter. Which picture do you think will make a better Winter Bargello?

This is what we look like everyday as we go hang out in the cars with the dogs. Sometimes the youngest son is with us, DD always finds somewhere to go off to so she doesn't have to hang out in various parking lots with us and the dogs. Cross your fingers my house will sell, one gal came through for the THIRD time yesterday. I should think 3 hours in my home would cinch the deal for her. Either you want the house or you don't right? Sigh.

Lots of people have posted about the view from their kitchen here is mine. There is a dog kennel out there so you can see the top of it but then there is a hill with woods and right now Spring is looking rather like Winter but that is what I get to see as I wash the dishes. Sometimes wildlife scampers about. I absolutely cannot wait for some Spring! We were working on yard cleanup since the snow was melting a few days ago, and yesterday we shovelled three times since the snow would not stop pouring out of the sky. I am trying to enjoy it since it may be my last for a very long time! Arizona here I come!
We stayed home last night and watched movies. Saw Enchanted which was ok, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium which also was ok and Awake which was decent too. Nothing to run right out and rent if you haven't seen them, but kept us entertained. Have more to watch tonight too. Haven't done the movie rental thing in a long time! Well, off to eat, clean the house, sit in the car while it shows itself and come home and chill! I am planning to sew the Winter Bargello tomorrow FOR SURE!


jovaliquilts said...

I took that class at QU! It was really fun. Looking at your photos, I don't know whether the big floral in the second one would work because the scale is so large. Do post a photo when you're done!

floribunda said...

I kinda like the big floral -- it would definitely add more zip to the bargello!