Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fall Bargello is Complete!

I finished my Fall/Autumn Bargello Quilt today. I am very happy with it...learned alot about precision. I didn't use labels like recommended and I really should have, would save myself some aggravation I think. After you do about six strips you have memorized which fabric is what letter though. I only had to unsew one complete strip as I mostly learned to check the pattern before sewing this time! I did unsew a few places where I wanted it narrower or wider but not too many since I did follow Ruth's directions on how to get a perfect 1/4 inch seam and it really worked! I only did it for the strips I could sew the red fracture fabric downwards, then flip things around to sew the next strip upwards to keep things more square. I should maybe have used it for the 3/4 strips (not just fracture strips) but I didn't think of it until mostly done. They look okay though.

The above picture is how the three seasons look while awaiting Winter which we do next week and the week after. I am thinking about putting them into a quilt with borders (each quadrant made the same size due to the borders since they aren't quite the same size now!) and getting it quilted by my longarmer. What do you think? Individual wallhangings, or a Seasons Bargello Quilt?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Angela,

I LOVE your bargello work. What exactly are "Ruth's" instructions to get a perfect 1/4 inch seam.. I am getting ready to start my first bargello and am worried about getting a consistent square from strip to strip.