Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fall Bargello Progress

I started the Fall Bargello for Quilt University last night...I read all the directions ahead of time and for some reason I thought I needed to put the red fracture strip between each strip--I read that on the directions...EXCEPT of course it is between the strips after you cut them as in the third picture not between the stips when you first put them together. There were pictures in the directions but my printer was really low on colored ink so they didn't help me. So I sewed red strips to each of the colors before I realized I wouldn't have enough to do them all and studied the directions for ten more I then completed three sets and the third pic shows the red strips laid out over them to get some sort of idea. I am so far happy with the colors. I need to cut another set (forget unsewing maybe I can use the oops ones in the borders) and sew them then I can cut them all and put the design together. I work all day today, then oil change, haircut, watch Hannah get a tatoo, etc, but tomorrow is a sewing day and I can't wait!
We signed the house onto the market, have a sign in the yard and everything. Realtors came through two days ago and gave us feedback, first showing was yesterday! Keeping the house C-L-E-A-N is wearing us out already...with two kids, four dogs and two cats, it is quite a ton of work but hopefully will sell soon!
Have a great day!


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