Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Great Mail Day and Ideas for my Bargello Seasons

Today was a great mail day as my favorite magazine (Mark Lipinksi's Quilter's Home-don't you know!) arrived! If you aren't subscribing or buying this one you are missing out. It is quite entertaining and always inspires me somehow! This one has a recipe in it for Shrimp Fettuccini with Zucchini that I am going to make after I get to the grocery store. If I deshrimp part of it my vegetarian DD may even eat it, though DS won't touch anything even remotely good. HA. The other awesome thing in this month's magazine was the Quilted Notebooks! Not sure why I didn't think of making some of those--lol guess that is why someone else is getting the big bucks. I have leftover scraps of my son's Love Beads quilt (already batted, backed and quilted, then cut off as the design called for) and I have been saving them trying to figure out just what I could do with them as they are too nice to throw out. I was thinking about making a pillow of some sort, but I asked the 15 year old if he wanted a doodle journal with his quilt leftovers and he said sure! So first I will make him one, should be pretty easy since half the work is done, then I am making one for me and we will see from there. What a fun project!

I am trying to come up with ideas for borders for combining my four seasons quilts into one quilt. I have measured them all and Spring is 28.5 by 22.5 inches, Summer is 33.5 by 18.5 inches, Fall is 35 by 18.25 inches and Winter is 27 by 21 inches. I know I want to add a half inch red border to fall followed by a 2 or 2.5 inch fall border. I am pretty sure I want to add a small strip of solid fabric to summer, followed by a patchwork strip of leftovers from the bargello and the same color outside border. I have not yet decided what to do for Spring and Winter. I could try to do Bonnie at Quiltvilles Braid type border to one of them (if I can figure it out) but especially winter seems hard to figure a border on. I think I need a borders class, lol. If anyone has any terific ideas I would love to consider them! Oh Man I just realized I screwed up the summer design three rows from the right, didn't even see it til now...SHEESH. Will be fixing that!

We showed the house again tonight, we have shown the house 13 times in 23 days or something like that so we have been busy! If only someone would put in an offer. Smile.


Quilting Pirate said...

I love Mark as well and anxiously await for the new issue to arrive in my mailbox!! I had to crack up when I saw the cover in his blog!

And WOW on your seasons quilt is going to be so neat!

Good luck with the house - I'm surprised you have 13 showings, that's incredible!

Helen in the UK said...

All the quilts look fab. I didn't spot the mistake until you said. Funny how a photo can make us see things we didn't spot in real life. Glad you found it now and have a chance to fix it :)
I'm not great with borders, but what about using a snowflake on dark blue border for the winter??