Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Fabulous Mail Day AND a Trip to the Fabric Store!

Today's mail brought my new Pickle Posse Bag and Pin! Looks like a great size to bring to Chicago for my purchases. Hopefully a few other Pickles can find me among the crowd too. The other side says Pickle Head and you can get it if you want to be a pickle too!

I also got my confirmation for my bus trip to Chicago...I am so excited for my first ever huge quilt show and trip with other quilters. I am saving my pennies for this trip already and plan to just get whatever hits my fancy when I go...I never do that so it is time!

My new pincushion arrived today too! It is the sweetest thing in the world! It is really good sized and the detail on it is incredible. It was worth the twenty I spent on it and made me smile all afternoon! I got it from which was talked about in Mark Lipinski's Quilter's Home Magazine. I looked them up several times since I saw the yellow one pictured in his mag and talked myself out of it til the other day when I decided I NEEDED a pincushion. Apparently Spring fever has hit me in the form of I need to shop or something. Yesterday I got four quilter's charms in the mail (to start replacing my stolen charm bracelet) and again guess who recommended the site? Yep the leader of the Pickle Posse himself! So I am blaming my buys on him, wonder who he blames his on. (Just read in the new mag, on God! LOL) Just kidding do have FABULOUS taste!

A few of my online groups are doing 6 and a half inch block exchanges with fabric that represents all the letters of the alphabet. I signed up for one (my very first fabric swap!) so I have N for Numbers. Picture flashed a little hard, but plenty of colorful numbers on there for the kiddies. I will be cutting these up tonight so I can get them all set.

So that brings me to another quilter I admire...Bonnie Hunter! She has been hard at work on a new mystery quilt to be started April 1st. I havent' really gotten into scrap quilting (more like I buy the fabric new and use it to make a quilt then have scraps piling up) but I love her style and know there are more scrap quilts in my future. If you want to play along with the Quiltville crowd she will be posting the clues soon (some info is already up on and there is a yahoo group deticated to her mysteries too. I am still in the McQuilter stage of my game, so I stuck pretty close to the colors Bonnie is using for her "Orange Crush" mystery quilt. I picked these fabrics out today and will combine that with scraps I already have. No idea how it will all come out, but that is at least half the fun. I also have no idea where this quilt is going or for who it will go to...but somehow they all wind up with a home so I am not too worried about that. I plan to get cutting pretty soon. Also in the mail today was the Easy Angle Ruler needed for this mystery. What a fabulous mail day it was! Oh and I got a 25 dollar gift certificate to Amazon for using my credit card and earning points too! Going to have to look for a quilt book!

I found the right brown for my Winter Bargello quilt too so I can get on that this afternoon too. Thanks to my new commenters...It is nice to know someone is enjoying these blogs almost as much as me. GRIN.


Rebekah said...

that pincushion is darling! Have fun on your shopping trip in Chicago : )

Quilting Pirate said...

Yah for the pickle posse tote! I hope to get one, someday.

I'm swinging by on Kims (Peach in Stitches) recommendation. I'll be adding you to my blog reader!