Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Favorite Card Game

Not much quilting going on today. I have some free time but just don't seem to have much motivation. Strange. I think I will page through a quilt book or two after this blog that is about as quilty as I can get! Randy came over to do his laundry (usually does every Sunday) and he, Kathy and I played our favorite card game Five Crowns! I even won one game. If you like card games I highly recommend this one. What is your favorite card game? I fondly remember playing Gin Rummy with my grandmother and learning to play cribbage with one of my uncles, but now this game is my favorite. It goes pretty fast and kids about age 8 can play it, so my kids have been playing for years.
I have my number swap all ready to go but trying to come up with a unique hostess gift to add to it. Not sure I will succeed there. Oh I forgot to mention I bought some Soak the other day. Washed all the bed quilts in the past few days and they smell and look great. Soak isn't cheap, but I think it is worth it to make the fabric last that much longer.

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