Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Question for Readers and My Favorite Easy Quilt!

On my Pickle Road Yahoo group some of us were coming up with six word memoirs. Not sure where the idea originated from, but challenge yourself to come up with one for you. Mine is Tallking hands, curious scholar, resilient mother and I think it suits me.

I am not sure how many readers I have here but thought I would ask a question of you and see how many people respond. I am always curious what people's favorite easy quilt pattern is. I have asked this question of some of my online groups and I keep a list of them in my quilt journal. It is always fun to find pictures of other's favorites and when I need a simple type quilt I can try one. Speaking of which my favorite easy pattern is "A Quilt Called Simple" and you can see the story by Popser about it here and at the bottom of that page you can click to see a photo. I have made one of these for my honorary princess daughter Rachel. It now resides in Norway with her. The pattern is available in Quick Quilts #36 from 2003. She wanted dogs on her quilt, so this has dogs and cats and the quilting is fabulous (done by my longarmer) and in places it says bow wow and meow! I want to make another one of these in the baby quilt size. It is a pretty pattern!

So What is YOUR favorite easy quilt pattern?

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