Monday, March 24, 2008

Another Good Mail Day and A Duckie Quilt

It was another good mail day at my house. I got a quilting mag (though not my favorite one...) and I got a prize for my Stashbuilder's Sewing Bee they had this week. Flichsa sent me the cutest coasters that look like they are folded into triangles and then buttonhole sewn in the center. I need to find that pattern for some Christmas gifts! I was actually just thinking the other day that I wished I hadn't packed up all of my coasters because the desk I sit at to sew and to use the laptop is nice wood and I was using my Amy Butler book as a coaster which wasn't thrilling me! So now I have two nice coasters and when I get to AZ I will deem them coasters for my quilting studio! You can see in the picture I got a cute little jack-o-lantern wallhanging pattern and some cocoa and tea too. I definately felt like a winner! What a fun group! I won the drawing (lots of people were drawn daily all week) on Tuesday and again on Saturday so I think I have more prize coming my way, lol. I am happy with just this!
I did get in a little sewing tonight before heading out for the usual Margarita Monday with Kathy and Randy. I used leftover duck and blue fabric (from the mystery Kathy did more than two years ago) and cut up a few yellow and orange fabrics to go with it. I sewed them all together just simple like...
And made a cute little Duckie Doll quilt for my cousin Trisha's daughter Serina who will be 3 this weekend!
Here it is after pillowcasing it....and the backing is cute "I know an old lady who swallowed a fly" fabric.
I plan to add my I love you hand label to the back and tie it with orange or yellow floss in the next day or so but viola a bday gift that any little girl should love!

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