Sunday, March 9, 2008

Starry Eyed Block Five

My online group (NewQuiltingClub) at yahoo is making starry eyed blocks every other week. I am a few blocks behind at this point as they got harder (paper piecing--I have never tried that, and one with a zillion peices) and I had less time. We have been showing our house almost every day (twice tomorrow) and so there is lots and lots of cleaning, running around, hiding dog food dishes and kennels and such (advice was to get rid of pet stuff..we are leaving the cat food, water and box down there is only so much we can do!) and loading four dogs (one blind) into the car or cars and driving around the block several times while people look at the house! Anyway today I finally had a chance to get to block number five! Here is the link to the directions if you want to try it. It is a cute block, but I found it hard to get the lines to line up just so on the points. I would not like to make an entire quilt from this block with my sewing skills. I like how cute it turned out..if I don't look too closely at the not quite matched up spots! I have two other star links to get back to the machine!

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