Sunday, March 23, 2008

Winter Bargello Top is Done!

My seasons bargello for Winter is a top! This one was a bit different than the others with two strips being frogged and reattached, sometimes taking out one or two fabrics as you go. I didn't find it too hard to do but I don't think this one is my favorite construction wise. It went together pretty quickly considering I made a zillion trips to the bathroom all night long...apparently something I ate at the casino buffet. So much for a good Easter dinner! I am so happy to have had some time to sew today. Spring Break is over and back to the grind I go tomorrow. Hopefully my cold improves or I will be having sick days this week--UGH! I am losing my voice and wondering if it is more than a cold...I hate to go to the doctor for me! Night all!


Helen in the UK said...

Found your blog through a link on A Peach in Stitches. Your bargello looks great - the colours are great and really capture the winter feel :)

Mary said...

Love your choices of winter colors! Great job!

Tracy said...

Love your winter quilt!

Looks great:)