Sunday, March 2, 2008

Summer Bargello Little Top Completed

Summer Bargello...first I put the strips together, alternating directions so my strips stay straight.

Then I joined two groups together and joined them into loops, then I frog stitched them in the places I was supposed to. I didn't screw up at all (or if I did I haven't found it yet!) I hung them on the railing to keep them in order and away from the kitties who wanted to play!

Here it is with the design starting to come to life as I lay out the rows!

Greybear wanted to help too!

The Summer Bargello looking good!

Now I have to pick out eleven fabrics and a fracture fabric for the Fall Bargello. We got the pattern on Saturday and I can get started on that one anytime. There isn't enough quilting time in my day...I did get some reading in this week. I read "Peony in Love" and really enjoyed it and finished listening to "Red River" which was so good and in parts really sad. I wish I could write like that and move people to tears!
I interpreted church this morning so I was on TV...not my thing at all, but reminds me how far I have come since when I was an interpreting student twelve years ago I went to that same church and watched the interpreters to learn how to be better at it, then I subbed alot for awhile, but haven't done it at that church for a few years. There were no Deaf people there but some may have watched from home. Kathy went with me to watch me work. We went out to breakfast afterwards and it was really nice.

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