Friday, April 4, 2008

Orange Crush Step One Done!

I spent a few night working on the Orange Crush (step one) and completed it last night. I have extra four patches and a few more two patches to pair up. They all need ironing too! Kathy helped with the ironing which was nice and we just chatted and watched HGTV. If we have enough extra patches we are debating about making another one of these for Kathy's niece. We may be close to 150 extra and it won't take much to whip up some more so....this mystery thing is getting out of control. VBG.

Four patches churning out of the machine, then getting ironed!

Four patches in stacks of ten on the orange fabric that will go in this quilt. There is really more variety in the patches than this picture shows but you get the idea.

The sewing bee prize I won on NewQuiltingClub came in the mail the other day too. I got some red hat yardage and some Easter egg yardage. I plan to cut these up and put them into my I spy quilt collection I have been working on. They will be great additions!
I have a job today up North in Rice Lake and we are visiting the Busy Bobbin after so I will be looking for more "N" fabric since I signed up for the Quilt-Talk group's 6.5 inch block exchange for ABC fabrics. I originally signed up for the exact same swap in my Stashbuilder's the "N" fabric read the directions (so I thought) cut it up and got it all set to go. Then someone asked a question about prewashing and I discovered that I was SUPPOSED to prewash. Sigh. I was sure it said not to. Turns out the group I originally didn't sign up for said you don't have to prewash (and I almost never prewash) so I had followed the rules for the wrong group. When they opened a swap up I grabbed "N" so that numbers fabric can go to them and now I will buy more "N" fabric and prewash and send that to the first group. Clear as mud? Yeah, I know!


Roslyn Atwood said...

I am a snapdragon too!

Toni said...

whoohoo!! Isn't it a cool feeling of accomplishment to get 150 3" 4 patches done!!!