Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ginger Tagged Me...

Ginger tagged me so here are my answers!

Five things found in your bag
1] Tide Stain Stick
2] Various medicines (migraine stuff, tums, etc.)
3] A book, whatever I am reading at the time..currently Three Cups of Tea
4] A granola bar, gum
5] Something to drink, I always have something! Green Tea today.
Five favourite things in your (sewing) room
1] My sewing table. My mom and stepdad bought it, refinished it and it was in my grandmother's formal room for many years, when the folks got it back they offered it to me!
2] The sewing machine!
3] My newest pincusion, every time I see it I smile and think it WAS so worth twenty dollars..they sell them on Etsy
4] Books and magazines with patterns and inspiration
5] fabric, fabric, fabric
Five things you have always wanted to do
1] Go back to Norway
2] Get healthy
3] Live near my immediate family
4] Teach at an ITP (Interpreter Training Program)
5] Have more time to quilt
Five things you are currently into
1] Quilting, I can't get enough of it...starting to think I have an illness
2] Pomegrante--such a sexy fruit
3] Reading, quest for knowledge!
4] Unfortunately ice cream (favoite is Eddy Cherry Chocolate Chip and Dulce de Leche)
5] Coffee
Five people you want to tag:
If you haven't done this and want to be tagged, comment me and post your answers on your blog! Smile.

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