Sunday, April 20, 2008

Orange Crush Step One Done--well for one...

Not the greatest picture but Kathy and I spent a few hours tonight getting step two of the OC done for one of our quilts. I did the sewing and she did the thread cutting, ironing and pinning in stacks of ten..oh and the counting. As soon as we got to 142 she said that is it for tonight! So tomorrow I will start the other half. We had more than enough of all pieces cut, and I think the little triangles multiplied in the night because there were lots left over (we originally counted and separated into two piles) so I will reserve them in case I am short on the other half, haha! Now that I am sewing with the cut off end of the triangle to the inside I think they are coming out better.
Hannah came home from work close to 11 PM just as I was heading up to bed (just wanted to blog quick) and she wanted help with starting the cutting on her Puss in the Corner quilt. So I taught her how to do the cutting and then proudly took some pictures. She cut several of her colors (the easier squares..some have angles and she will need more help...the directions on this pattern are different than what I am used to) and posed for a picture at the end. You can see Rosey behind her and Otto (the blind dog) next to her too. Note the disaster everywhere since I left everything set up for tomorrow (if we have a showing clean up will be fun...)
You can see my returned stolen purse to the right in this picture too (Vera Bradley, I love it). Well off to bed I almost half way through the book I bought last night and I want to read a few chapters before I crash. Yes, I AM a night owl...can't help it! Piece, out.


Helen in the UK said...

Congrats on getting step 2 done for one of the quilts. Sounds like you worked hard to achieve it ... but fun to have someone to sew with :)

Quirky said...

That many blocks is an achievement...I've been trying to find a way for years to get the missus to quilt with me....the cutting and snipping is worth a try! I look forward to reading your further Orange Crush adventures.
Sue in West Oz

Quirky said...

lol The missus just read my last comment....says it is not going to happen!

Sue in West Oz

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