Sunday, April 20, 2008

Comfort Quilt Layout and Puss in the Corner Fabric

Yesterday we drove to the Twin Cities to go out for Indian food and to hit JoAnn Fabrics so my daughter could pick out fabric for her Puss in the Corner wall hanging. She brought along her boyfriend Jeremy and they were so cute picking out the fabric. They were trying to get the exact shade of Hannah's cat GreyBear's fur to commemorate him apparently. Anyway, the fabrics they picked with a little input from me, Kathy and Randy are in the picture with the black meow fabric being for the back. We had a great time. We went up in two cars because Jeremy had to work at 10 and we wanted to hit some other places leisurely. The kids left and headed home but got lost and we had to rescue them. Then they were going along and switched highways at the right place but went the wrong way on that highway (there are signs, but it was dark and they never have driven back from the Cities alone) they supposedly were weaving across the center line and got pulled over. The cop was convinced they were high. My daughter is the most straightlaced type when it comes to that kind of stuff and was quite insulted at the thought. The kids were so flabergasted and were going the wrong way so the cop thought they were really out of it..apparently three or four cop cars and cops later and much questioning they were allowed to go with no ticket. One cop commented to Hannah that she has dialated pupils (so she looked stoned) and Hannah said they are always that way which is true..I have the same large open pupils and have actually had a doctor ask me once if I was on something because of my eyes. I barely drink and am scared of drugs, don't even like prescription pain pills..wish I knew why our eyes are this way. Kids were freaked out and I am glad Hannah wasn't alone on some dark country road when they got pulled over. Sigh, it put a damper in our night. Imagine the cops' suprise when he asked where the kids had been and Hannah said out to eat with my mom and to a fabric store. LOL on a Saturday night--no wonder he didn't believe them.
Can you spot my block among all the pretty comfort blocks that were sent in to Trish? This quilt looks great so far and I hope it brings a man with horrible cancer some comfort--I have never met him, but any friend of a quilter is a friend of mine. Oh my block is in the third row from the bottom above the center heart. It works, had to use the malest brown and blue fabric I had onhand. It looks great Pickles and Trish!
So far today have been reading email and blogs, drinking coffee and feeling sluggish. We didn't get home til 2 or 3 AM and slept in late today. The sun is shining and I think I am taking my new book (The Zookeeper's Wife) that I am reading for my online BookiesToo group outside to read...will try to sew more on clue two of the OC tonight now that I think I understand how to use that EZAngle ruler. By the way I couldn't resist and bought the larger version of that ruler and the Companion ruler since they were half off at JoAnn's. We hit Borders and I got some good deals on Denyse Schmidt's Quilt it Kits...will be gifting them somewhere, but I just couldn't leave them there!
I also wanted to say THANKS to all the Pickles who emailed me publicly and privately to help me ignore a rude poster on the group (who has since left apparently). It really made a difference in my day. I hate it when people are rude to other people on purpose, life is as kind as you can!

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Cara said...

I know what you mean about your and your DD's pupils! Mine are the same.
Your DD's bf sounds like a cutie to go shopping for fabric.

Nice blog Andee!