Wednesday, April 30, 2008

OC Step 3 Started, Bingo Winnings and the House in AZ

I woke up to all this snow on Monday! It was melted by the time I got home from work and it was gorgeous but someone is not getting the message that it is Spring! Smile.
This morning I finally cut out the larger triangles using the Companion Angle ruler which worked very slickly! I had leftover wing triangles so I will use those to make step 3 of the OC Mystery (from Quiltville and Bonnie Hunter) later on tonight I hope. Only took minutes to cut out the triangles and I hear the clue goes quickly. I am getting another cold so went to bed early last night and dragging myself this morning...I hate to be sick!
These lovely fabrics are chicken/red fabrics that I won from the NewQuiltingClub group. Phyl put me in to play on accident and told me to go ahead and play and I won! I feel kind of guilty since I didn't send in any fat quarters and I won this whole bunch! I plan to play once I get settled in AZ, but for now it is a bit of froggin around I don't have time All this blog reading too has cut into my sewing time, but I am SO inspired by what others do and I have learned so much from reading them! I even subscribe to a few in Norweigian and German that I can't even read..but the pictures are awesome! Good thing I am a fast reader!
This is the picture of the house in Chanlder, AZ that we just minutes ago put in an offer on. It is not the one I have longingly looked at since last fall but I am too practical for my own good and this one is about 50,000 less if it all works out right and it has a pool. The backyard is bigger too which is important with four dogs! It has a doggie door and is 8 houses down and across the street from Kathy's sister so for all those reasons and more we decided on this house. My sister is bummed that we are not closer to her farther north but I can't find anything I like for the price I want up there--and without a housing association and all that. I did try though because I would like to be up there too...
Oh I got crazy and went and bought myself a new purse from the Vera Bradley is the little yellow bird pattern on black. I bought a matching one for my Grandmother's birthday which is coming up too. I am fabric nuts and those purses just make me smile!

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