Friday, April 18, 2008

Step Two of Orange Crush in Progress

Lots of tiny triangles--almost 600 total were cut!
The first 70 from clue two...I didn't find these particularily easy either. I had awhile turning the ruler round and round trying to get the hang of it! I seriously looked like I had one margarita too many at first. I have issues with some of that visual stuff (funny since I am a sign language interpreter and have no problem with that)! Eventually got the hang of the ruler....then getting the right edge with the square was harder than it should have been! So many hours later I have made 71 of those babies! I have a long way to go but I did sort of start to feel a rythm after awhile. Let's hope I can get it back when I get back to it! For some reason I was thinking I had to make twice as many of these units as I do, so I am feeling a bit relieved to know that I only have to make 142 and help Kathy with 142!
After reading the Quiltville emails I realize I am not putting the corners in the right place on all the triangles (one edge is cut off and it goes towards the center so the points are there) so some of mine might have issues later on. I will remedy this on the rest of them and hope it would be in the seam and not matter anyway, but what a challenging little bugger this one is for me!


Amanda said...

Oh, I know what you mean about that pesky ruler. I had to have the EZangle instructions website on my computer in front of me the whole time I was cutting. I just couldn't seem to remember without.

Lurline's Place said...

Thanks for visiting Angela - your little patches look great. I must admit I do a little squaring up if things look too wonky. As long as you keep the measurements correct, it just makes it look a little nicer and perhaps easier when it comes to joining onto other blocks.
Your blogspot is lovely - I will keep track. Best wishes - Lurline.